Spice Jars – 12 Piece Set


Spice up your pantry storage and make cooking even more enjoyable with this stylish range of spice jars from Pantry Lovers’ collection; we have something for everyone allowing you to make an informed decision based on budget and requirements. 


Organise your spices with generously sized spice jars. Available in 170mls. 

  • Our spice containers are made from high-quality material that is corrosion-resistant allowing you to store different spices for longer periods without making them lose their texture or flavour. 
  • Their airtight seal allows you to preserve your spices for as long as possible while the transparent appearance means that you can tell which flavour is which simply by looking at them. 
  • The jar’s solid design also enables it to be stacked easily allowing for quick organisation of any spice drawer. 
  • Pantry Lovers’ jars make excellent additions to any kitchen with each jar giving your kitchen a modern look. 
  • The jars are small so they can be used to organise spices that you use on a regular basis whilst the larger containers can be used for spices that you need on occasion or infrequently so that your entire spice collection is easily accessible. 
  • Pantry Lovers also has other types of jars from our basic spice jar range which comes in various sizes as well as perfect pantry storage solutions such as wood lid jars, snack jars, vacuum jar press, and storage baskets, beverage dispensers, fruit and fruit and vegetable storage containers, egg holders. 
  • Our products make excellent gifts for anyone who loves cooking with a vast range of products suitable for all budgets. 
  • The ultimate spice organiser, our beautiful spice glass jars simply look great on any kitchen or pantry surface. 
  • Acacia wood is a natural material and every piece is unique and may vary slightly in appearance and height. Colour variations occasionally occur in acacia wood, however, this is a natural characteristic and not a product defect. 


Spices are really important for cooking as they make the food tastier. So you need proper storage for different types of spices. You can store different spices in a jar and also it will look neat and clean.

Product Care 

To ensure that your spice containers remain the best, please follow these product care instructions: 

  • Ensure to wash the jars before first use. 
  • Don’t place or leave the lid on a wet surface or dishwasher
  • Do not soak the acacia wood lids in water or clean them with a running stream of water. We recommend cleaning them with a wet cloth instead. 
  • Use of mild soap and warm water is fine but avoid abrasive cleaners 
  • Do not drop as glass may break into sharp pieces. 
  • Do not put in the microwave or oven


  • Capacity to hold 170 mls. 
  • 170 mls – 8cm height x 6.5cm width 
  • Glass body 
  • Acacia wood lid 
  • Screw top lid to ensure a tight seal. 
  • Airtight seal keeps flavours and aromas locked in for freshness. 
  • Transparent glass allows you to see what’s inside without having to open it, making it easy to organise the spice drawer. 
  • Stylish wood lid design – acacia wood cap that will complement any kitchen or pantry. 
  • Decent size with a sleek and minimalistic design. 
  • A wide opening so you can scoop spices more easily using a teaspoon. 


Comes as a 12 pcs/set

Also available in a 4 Piece Set

*Jars only. Labels and contents not included*

Weight 0.677 kg


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