Snack Jar With Acacia Lid – 3 Piece Set


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Looking for a stylish and durable storage solution for your cereal, cookies, coffee pods or snacks? Check out our Snack Jar with an acacia lid. Made from sturdy borosilicate glass with excellent clarity and durability, this jar has a flat surface allowing it to sit neatly on your benchtop or pantry shelf. The large circular opening makes it easy to access and fit a large wooden scoop or measuring cup. Plus, the airtight acacia lid helps keep your items fresher for longer. 

Not only is this jar perfect for storing dry goods, but it also makes a great decoration piece in your kitchen. Fill it with your favourite things and use it to brighten up your space. 

Please Note: Acacia wood is a natural material. Each piece is unique and will vary slightly in appearance. Colour variations occasionally occur in acacia, however, this is a natural characteristic and not a product defect.  


  • Borosilicate glass body 
  • Sturdy glass construction 
  • Airtight acacia wood lid with a silicone rubber seal

Product Care 

To ensure that your Snack jars remain the best, please follow these product care instructions: 

  • Ensure to wash before first use. 
  • Don’t place the lid on a wet surface or in the dishwasher. 
  • Do not soak the acacia wood lids in water or clean them with a running stream of water. We recommend cleaning them with a wet cloth instead. 
  • Do not put it in the microwave or dishwasher. 
  • Use of mild soap and warm water is fine but avoid abrasive cleaners 
  • Do not drop as glass may break into sharp pieces.
  • To avoid dropping the glass, we recommend holding the jars by the glass not the lid as the lid may slip and fall.  

3 piece package includes;
1x 1250mls
1x 1950mls
1x 2750mls

Also comes in the following sizes:
1250mls: Depth=11.5cm, Height 16cm
1950mls: Depth=13cm, Height 19.5cm
2750mls: Depth=14cm, Height 22.5cm

If you choose your own sizes, you receive the number of items you purchased.

*Jars only. Labels and contents not included*


Weight 2.581 kg



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