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Keep your cans organised and within easy reach with our versatile Clear Can Organiser. Ideal for use in the fridge, pantry or cupboard, this handy can organiser prevents your cans from rolling around, making it easy to grab what you need. The Can Organiser allows you to easily see what you have on hand and is perfect for busy households who need to stay on top of their pantry or fridge organisation. With its compact design, the Can Organiser takes up minimal space, making it a great storage solution for small kitchens. Whether you’re stocking up your fridge for a party or just want to keep your everyday essentials within easy reach, our Clear Can Organiser is a must-have for any household. 


  • Ideal for use in the fridge, pantry or cupboard 
  • Prevents cans from rolling around 
  • Compact design takes up minimal space 
  • Clear design allows you to easily see what’s inside 


  • Hand Wash Only with warm water and mild detergent 
  • Please wash with a soft cloth to avoid stretches 
  • Handle with care, product may break upon impact
  • Fridge- safe


Large: 35X22.8X9.8CM 

Material: PET 

Colour: Clear 

What’s included 

1 x Can Organiser 

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